On the brink,
I find myself thinking of the ineffable,
of what is left unsaid,
but more than that, 
of what's unsayable.

(the unseen < the unseeable)

Of stillness and time,
duration and becoming.
The duration of now,
of what is no more but hasn't happened yet,
of what turns perception into memory, present into past.

Events rather than things,
change, becoming and loss,
irreversibility and inaccessibility,
boundaries of no return,
fleeting limits.

The vanishing point and the horizon that remains 
at an an indefinite distance regardless of how you try to approach it.

Boundaries defined by virtue of their surroundings,
boundaries that mark beginnings and ends,
those that mark absences and presences but
cannot be demarcated themselves.
(Where is the boundary's beginning and end?
What lies between anticipation, perception and memory?)

I'm thinking of darkness,
of fugitive objects, event horizons, shadows and receding stars,
silence, death,
transience and elusiveness,
absences and nothings,
missing beings we will never see,
photons from a dying star that was too far,
free falling
and worlds of no horizons. 

I Cannot Go with You /moving image (silent video loop), acrylic glass in various colours and with various degrees of transparency and reflectivity

Moving image is projected as a reflection from a set of layered surfaces onto a large, black matte surface in space (front & rear projection). The visibility of the image depends directly on the viewer's movement in relation to it. Locating the image and its vanishing point on the material is a live situation and cannot be illustrated in photographs.

Photos: Adam Sakový. The exhibition and the artist's work were supported by the Finnish Cultural Foundation and the city of Nurmes.
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